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Parenting Styles And Family Relationships - 2529 Words

Parenting styles have been researched in many different journals and their role in the promotion of healthy child attachment to family, friends and social settings. In particular this review will focus on parenting styles and their correlation to parent-child attachment. The review will focus on the four main parenting styles authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglect and examine the effectiveness of these parenting styles on parent-child attachment. Then the review will further examine these parenting styles on themes that emerged throughout the literature reviewed. The themes are: the child’s perception of parenting styles, family dynamic, psychological effects and children with health issues. After examining the literature the main overarching conclusion is that authoritative parenting is the most satisfactory parenting style in all of the reviewed literature and that authoritarian and permissive parenting reflect negative parenting styles and don’t promote positive parent-child attachment. Family Dynamic Parenting styles and family dynamics have been correlated in a study by Matejevic, Todorovic, Jovanovic (2014) where they examine the correlation between balanced family systems and authoritative parenting and unbalanced family systems and the appearance of authoritarian or permissive parenting styles (Matejevic, Todorovic Jovanovic 2014 p. 433). The research examines family systems with two variables which focus on the cohesion and flexibility of a familyShow MoreRelatedA Study On Family Communication Pattern And Parenting Styles1082 Words   |  5 Pages Parenting Styles Sami Schneider American Military University Instructor: Anna Rainey Course: CHFD 445 Family Communication Parenting Styles Parenting is never easy. The development of good communication skills is important because it helps ensure proper functioning in society. Children spend most of their time during their formative years with their family. There is not a book on how to raise children and there is more than one parenting style. Parenting styles are patterns of behaviorRead MoreHow Parenting Styles Affect Children Essay1583 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In this paper, I will examine how parenting style affects an individuals relationship with his or her children. According to Baumrind, there are four main parenting styles, differentiated on levels of support and expectations. This paper focuses on parents with high support and high expectations,who are known as authoritative parents and those who are supportive with low expectations, who are are permissive. These four different styles of parenting lead to very different developmental outcomesRead MoreParenting Styles : A Parenting Style And Made A New System For Classifying Parents848 Words   |  4 Pagesthem the rules of life by using a specific parenting style. A parenting style is a psychological concept based on regular strategies that parents use while raising their children. Parenting is a complicated occupation that requires many different skills that work in concert to influence a child’s behavior. Parental responsibilities start after the birth of the first child, and they impact the child’s overall life. Parents usually develop their parenting styles based on their cultures. This situationRead MoreBeing A Parent Is The Most1610 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent parenting styles, and who also later discovered four dimensions with which each parenting style differed upon. These were: parents’ warmth/ nurturance, discipline strategy, communication skills and expectations of maturity. Every so often, as children are continually developing, parents’ ask, â€Å"What could I have done differently?† What society has failed to shed light upon is the depth of communication and nurturance that needs to be present in not just a healthy parent – child relationship, butRead MoreParenting As A Child With Special Needs1328 Wor ds   |  6 PagesParenting in Lesbian-Gay (LGBT) or Same-Sex Couple Homes. A review study (American Psychological Association, 2005) showed no evidence that lesbian or gay parents are unfit to parent children nor are the children under their care as parents are disadvantaged psychosocially or economically as compared with heterosexual couples. Nevertheless, this study admitted that data on LGBT parents are limited (American Psychological Association, 2005). The same findings were noted in another study (TelingatorRead MoreParenting Styles And The Parenting Style Essay1594 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Parenting style used by caregivers plays an important role in the child’s development and learning, specifically social emotional learning. Parents play a big role in their child’s academic achievement, especially depending on the parenting style use. The parenting style where the parents are involved and monitor their children is related to academic achievement and educational accomplishment (Spera, 2005). Parenting styles comprise of two dimensions, demandingness and responsivenessRead MoreParenting Styles and Their Effects on Children1545 Words   |  7 Pageshave found patterns in parenting styles and their effects on children. Parenting isn’t only a collection of skills, rules, and tricks of the trade (Lloyd, Carol. 2012)†, it defines who you become, reflects your culture and represents values important in a family. Parenting style has a long term impact on a child’s development, success and outlook on life. The three styles of parenting are permissive parenting/hands-off parenting , authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting .Studies revealed thatRead MoreDiana Baumrind s Effect Of Parenting Styles On Children Essay1312 Words   |  6 PagesDiana Baumrind’s effect of parenting styles on children Baumrind was born into a Jewish community in the New York’s Jewish enclaves. She was the first two daughters of Hyman and Mollie Blumberg. Diana, the eldest in an extended family of female cousins, inherited the role of eldest son, which allowed her to participate in serious conversations about philosophy, ethics, literature, and politics. She completed her B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy at Hunter College in 1948, and her M.A. and Ph.D. inRead MoreWhat Are Some Effects Of Divorce Or Separation On Children?1496 Words   |  6 Pagesbe very damaging to children and can have adverse effects. (Anderson, 2014, pg 379) Although each family is different, divorce has been shown to cause problems in a child’s relationships with their parents, cause issues in their education, and a child may lose emotional security. (Anderson, 2014, pg 380) He or she possibly having to spend less time with each parent affects his or her relationship with the parent. (Anderson, 2014, pg 380) â€Å"Children of divorced parents are more likely to have lowerRead MoreEssay on Infancy and Early Childhood Development1654 Words   |  7 Pageschild’s development through observation and interaction. Development begins during the prenatal period on up to the early years and depends on the nutritional, medical, emotional, and intellectual support of parents, family members, caregivers, and teachers (Cherry, 2011). Parenting styles also play a role in what influences development as well as early childhood education programs. During the prenatal period when a child’s development begins, thus being aware of many factors that can damage the fetus

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